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Refund Policy

Refund Policy* ($265 Tuition Fee)

  • 100% Refund - if we are contacted 8 weeks or 2 months (8 or more Mondays) prior to the start day of the camp.
  • 70% Refund - if we are contacted 7 weeks (7 Mondays) prior to the start day of the camp
  • 60% Refund - if we are contacted 6 weeks (6 Mondays) prior ot the start day of the camp.
  • 40% refund - if we are contact 5 Weeks (5 prior Mondays) prior to the start day of camp.
  • 0% refund - if contacted less than 4 weeks (4 mondays) prior to the start of camp.
  • No refunds will be offered after the camp has started or due to missed camp days due to illness, scheduling conflicts or COVID-19 quarantine

* NOTE: If we have a waiting list and we can find someone on the waiting list that is able to a replacement take the spot after time as passed, you will be refunded up to 70% of the Tuition. However, the process of locating a replacement from a waiting list can be very time-consuming for our staff and thus the entire fee will not be refunded. There are no guarantees that a replacement camper will be found. 

Why this refund policy? We keep the amount paid within that time frame while trying to locate a replacement because the cancellation may have resulted in another girl being turned away (if the camp is full) and cancellations may result in a potential lost opportunity to fill the spot before the start of camp (lost revenue for GirlSing). We also make commitment about staffing and supplies based on registration which we may or may not be able to fill. We make every effort (within reason) to try to fill a camp spot in the case of a cancellation. It is never our intention to keep anyone's money. We do, however, believe that there is a balance in this policy that must be respected. 

If you are unable to attend the camp for which you are registered, please contact Music Kate Here. 

Refund Policy* ($25  Early Drop Off & Late Pick-up Fee)

The $35 Early Drop Off & Late Pick-up Fee is a flat fee of $25. It is not prorated and it is not refundable after it is paid. This fee is to be paid on the first day of camp. Is is payable regardless of the extent to which you use the privilege or dropping off your child early or picking them up late.